There will be many chapters in your lives, don’t get lost in the one you’re in now.

Life IS complicated,,

Life IS hard,,

Life IS beautiful,,,

Let me help you live your BEST life, your BEST days!

Say it isn’t so Sixty!

I sit here attempting to write my first blog. Yesterday my husband celebrated his 57th birthday and I think that is why my next birthday has also been on my mind. I will be 60 years old next August, it’s kind of hard to wrap my brain around that number. I look back over the last 55 years or so, I really can’t remember prior to my 5th birthday and it’s been quite a journey!

This new blog will help me document my past, reflect on my current life and help me clarify future goals and dreams. Follow along with me, I feel we can help each other maneuver through life’s curves and adventures.

My first challenge is to figure out this blog! I think I am getting it, but it’s taken quite longer than I thought it would. It’s like me, a work in progress!

Have a great week!


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